Lawrence English – A Colour For Autumn – CD – 12k

The ever-prolific Lawrence English resurfaces on 12k to continue his series of exploratory works that catalogue and analyse the shifting of the seasons in sound. Following on from Baskaru’s release of Varying Degrees of Winter, this 7 track piece, A Colour For Autumn combines field recordings from various locations, with English’s now masterful touches of drone-like ambience forming auditory landscapes that document and exploit the characteristics and contrasts of the season in all its manifestations in both hemispheres. Opening track, Droplet characterises English’s approach to the whole collection, fusing location recordings of the infamous Mistral wind blowing through the streets of Marseilles with rich swells of guitar tones. English then brings contrast into sharp relief with Watching It Unfold, inspired by Autumn as experienced in his home town of Brisbane, a less austere sense of the season in the antipodes, draped in warmth and elegance, with its gently plucked strings and enveloping ambience. This is an unhurried affair that brings with it the time and space for us to meditate upon these transitional events between regions and climates, the soundtrack to a “film yet to be made” that focusses on the dappled shades of autumn, the shift of light and shadows, a time of dying and rebirth, a time of changing colours and delicate textures. Here English captures the very essence of the seasonal transit, and enrolling the help of Fennesz on The Surface of Everything, and Dean Roberts’ vocalisations on Droplet has produced one of the most notable releases on 12k in the last few months. Absolutely essential. BGN



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