Yoshio Machida – Hypernatural #3 – CD – Baskaru

A familiar name on the avant garde scene, Yoshida’s works have graced many a festival , and were given the dubious honour of being included in David Toop’s Haunted Weather book a couple of years back. As the title suggests, Hypernatural number 3 is the third part of a trilogy of recordings, thematically assembled and spanning some 11 years.

Anyone who includes references to Russell Mills, Rupert Sheldrake and Lyall Watson in their sleeve notes is going to command my full attention. The theme of this set of collages and assemblages relates to the concept of Oblivion,(note the capital “O”) and opening with a full on audio cut-up indicates that Yoshida means business. Everything goes into the mix here, from a diversity of sources including radio, TV, possibly Vinyl and live recordings. Yoshida sets his stall out early, in his own words..” oblivion has a positive aspect: it appears as a natural phenomenon in the passage of time and becomes a factor in creating new worlds..” indeed it is with that impending sense of impermanence that our lives become more enriched, and somehow more urgent. For any of you out there that just like a “nice tune”, switch your browser to MTV, this is not music for the sake of music, this work has a resonance and a poetic meaning that transcends mere categories. The track titles suggest everything, Ocean of Memory, with its flickering , reflective sampling, and Camouflage, or perhaps Silhouette..all more than hint at a sense of transitoriness, and Retrospective Future reminds me of Phillip Glass with its skippy, recurrent themes that slither and slide in and out of view. Hypernatural 3 sways between being intensely irritating and serenely beautiful in equal measure, a true work of art in the sense that it is both thought provoking and by its very nature hinting that we are all on an uneasy road to oblivion, leaving only a footprint, a shadow or silhouette, or in the case of Yoshida and partner Aki Onda, an auditory vapour trail in the form of Hypernatural 3. Serious listening for serious listeners, and not for the faint hearted – I highly recommend. BGN



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