Pe Lang – Optionen – 4.0 quadrophonic CD-leerraum[ ]

leerraum’s [ ] stark, utilitarian covers house all manner of treasures, and this, the latest offering from Pe Lang segues nicely with the output of this unique and elegantly presented Swiss based label. Optionen consists of intricately layered, and densely woven tonal washes, rendered in the now standard leerraum [ ] 5.1 surround sound, giving the whole piece an almost physical presence that envelops the listener.Lang utilises great swathes of reverberation, and lower register sound as the foundation for his work, and at times this is shaking the walls of my listening room, a tangible, physicality that takes on a life of it’s own.

In the quieter moments, Lang reduces the spectrum of his work to minute cracklings that merge seamlessly with the bass tones rumbling away in the depths, a dark and intense canvas, splashed with sonic filaments, and audible particulates. Something in here reminds me of a swarm of distant insects, or the dark machinery of the universe, poised for the Big Bang. Here and there, there is a distant activity that breaks free from the murk of sub-bass, subtle knockings, creaks and clankings that remind us of an insistent, human presence, beckoning us from beyond. Once again, an edition of only 60 copies will surely sell out far too quickly – so for those of you who remember the tonal edifices created by Thomas Koner (circa “Permafost”) a few years back, you will not be disappointed by Pe Lang’s beatifully executed “Optionen”.

Absolutely recommended. BGN


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