Deupree/Ysatis – The Sleeping Morning – CD – 12k


Never at a loss for new ideas and fresh collaboration, Taylor Deupree’s latest offering, The Sleeping Morning, enlists the help of Savvas Ysatis, renewing an older partnership that culminated in their SETI and Human Mesh Dance incarnation several years back.

Culled from a week long session at Deupree’s New York studio, The Sleeping Morning finds the artists in quietly reflective mood, and the effectiveness of the partnership shines through in the tracks, Reservoir, and Listen to the Morning Sleeping, both quietly brooding guitar pieces that instantly reminded me of the opening sequence of Talk Talk’s master work, Spirit of Eden . Here there are flickering guitar chords, a smear of keyboards, dotted with filigree percussion provided by glockenspiel, mallets, and perhaps a tinkling of snare. This extensive inventory summons up a slightly dark, melancholic beauty that bristles with unresolved tension. Vocals make a brief, wispy appearance, sending the pieces into ethereal realms, and overall, make for a compelling listen. The third track, Under Your Breath maintains the same essential formula, but the mood is lightened, and draped over a backdrop of field recordings..the sounds of children playing in a park, maybe, or some other pastoral pastime..floating over sustained keyboard chords, and tonal washes, once again spattered with percussion. Closing track, The Youthful Sea is a song..with Ysatis providing vocals, and Deupree providing bobs along quite nicely, and leaves me feeling that this is a partnership that will stand the test of time, in much the same way that Deupree/Kircshner, and Deupree/Chartier has provided moments of sheer musical pleasure..a brief introduction to renewed creative energy..I feel that boundaries are being pushed at…we can only wait for more. BGN


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