EA – Balancing Act with Controlled Dynamics – CD – Winds Measure


Winds Measure continue their uncompromising assault on minimalism with this monumental collaborative work by Andy Graydon, Andre Goncalves, Ben Owen, Gill Arno, Richard Garet, and Gil Sanson, working collectively as EA. Barely a handful of the names resonate with me, to the rest I must apologise to in advance. The curiously titled “Balancing Act with Controlled Dynamics” perhaps loosely explains some of the sonic content showcased here. These slender, amorphous pieces form an elegant mosaic that re-define the parameters of lower case, bringing together a range of sensibilities that encompass low –register undulating dronescapes, wispy tone washes, erupting electronica, radio sampling, and epic near-silences. This is an intense, exploratory workout, that actually is a “balancing act with controlled dynamics”..never before has a CD title been so descriptive of its contents. We get the feeling that every moment is carefully engineered to project us into an audio netherworld, teetering at the brink of entropy, an exemplary sketchbook of growth and decay, that uses calculated and protracted silences to engender drama and anticipation..audible tectonics that shift and swell, explode and disperse, the audible equivalent of a peculiarly benign volcano, brooding and sombre. A compulsive mutation of styles, and at just short of half an hour, there is enough here to stimulate an active imagineer, barely enough to be truly immersive. Well worth a listen. BGN


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WHITE_LINE was set up three years ago, in order to play and promote the work of artists and musicians working under the banner of "minimalism", in all its many guises. This has led to a regular and highly successful mix slot on the Garden of Earthly Delights radio show in the UK, and guest appearances on Resonance FM (frequenzen show). We now aim to extend the remit of the mix slots by reviewing (as often as possible) material that encapsulates and crystallises the minimalist ethic, and hopefully we'll be leading artists and audiences alike towards a deeper appreciation of this and other marginalised genres. I welcome your comments, and criticisms, and would love to hear from labels and artists who would like their work showcased on the show, or reviewed here. We regret that due to time constraints, we cannot review everything that is sent to us, but will endeavour to give exceptional work an "honourable mention" at the very least, and links to quality sites that we think worthy of mentioning. I am trying to support labels and artists as much as possible by promoting their work, not least because I am a stereotypical "struggling artist" myself, but also because there are so few younger artists entering this particular scene, and there is a danger of it becoming the sole domain of a handful of forty somethings who really ought to be doing something better with their time! Having worked for most of the more reputable underground magazines in the early 90's, I was never afforded the luxury of taking time and care over reviews, as deadlines and column space were always hanging like the sword of Damocles over me. With WHITE_LINE, I have the luxury of being able to review when I have time, and I am receptive to a particular mood, and hopefully this will reflect in the quality and length of some of the reviews. If you like what you see, please link to me to encourage more traffic through the site, and cross promote whatever is happening out there. Address for promotional material: 45 Drovers Walk Spring Park, Kingsthorpe Northampton NN2 8BB UK

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